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The Top Most Difficult Holes in Golf


As a golfer, you can probably spend your life waking up early every morning to play a round on your home course. But to be a great golfer, and to get the most out of the sport, you need to face new challenges, which means courses where you don’t already know everything there is to know about the green slope on the third hole or the crosswind on the sixth. Exploring the next golf course is an excellent excuse for travel, and once you’ve got your Golf Travel Insurance from Allianz Global Assistance, you’ll be ready to jet off wherever you fancy playing the next game. Here are a few of the world’s most difficult holes that are definitely worth the journey if you’re ready for a challenge:

1) If you’re the sort of golfer who crumbles under pressure, don’t make the journey to Florida to play on TPC Sawgrass course. The 17th hole is only 132 yards long, but the slightest misjudgment in direction will see your ball plummeting into the lake, as the green is actually on an island. But if you get the shot right, you can be sure you’ll be the centre of attention finishing the hole off out on the green.

2) The Whistling Straights course on the shores of Lake Michigan is the course where many a great player has gone to crumble. In fact, the 18th hole has been nick-named “Dyeabolical” after its designer Paul Dye. You either have to hit short off the tee and play a long shot onto the green or hit an aggressively long tee shot, which will leave you with a shorter approach but the risk of hitting dunes and bunkers.

3) Hawaii is one nice place to go for a round of golf, and the Ko’olau course is stunning. With mountain and jungle scenery, the area is not your normal golf backdrop. But what makes the 18th hole on this course particularly challenging, is that the course also features some spectacular ravines, like the ones that flank the drive and the approach shot. You might find yourself donating a ball or two to the jungle here.

4) Pebble Beach is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful courses in the world, and its setting on the California coast is unbeatable. The 8th hole is probably the most famous, and Jack Nicklaus calls the approach shot his favorite in the world. But the fairway slopes off into the Pacific Ocean, so if you’re not careful, you may lose your ball to the sea, and getting it right is mightily tricky.

5) The hardest hole in the world is possibly the Extreme 19th Hole on the Legend Golf & Safari Resort Course in Pretoria, South Africa. It is only accessible by helicopter, and it’s a painful 430m high and 400m long. The Par 3 hole is so difficult, in fact, that the resort has been known to offer   a $1 million prize for anyone who able to hole their tee-shot.


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