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The Women’s Tee


When I saw this video it brought back a lot of great golf memories. Well, maybe “great” isn’t the right word.

If you’ve played the game of golf for any length of time I’m sure you’ve heard the term ” D.O.” or “dick out”. So, what exactly does that mean?

According to the Urban Dictionary:

Dickout Rule –

When playing golf, and an opening drive on a hole does not travel further than the ladies tees, the player who hits the ball so short must unzipper his zipper and pull his dickout for the remainder of the hole.
2 things you should know:

  • Does not apply to women. (see Elephant Golf)
  • Does apply in the presence of women.

In my experience and opinion I think there should be more stipulations than that:

  1. Does not apply in a group of all men (what other guy wants to see that).
  2. Should not apply on  the 1st tee or any other tee box close to the clubhouse. (hey, there may be children present)
  3. Should only apply to the next shot, or any other subsequent shot not yet reaching the red tees.
  4. With so many courses built around housing communities these days, you need to be cautious about playing D.O. at these locations. (again, there might be children or old people present.)

Another variation is called “Texas Rules” golf. You have to show your **** to prove you’re a man if your drive doesn’t travel past the ladies tee box.

With that, let me present one of my favorite golf jokes in video format. I think Rule #2 applies here.

Have you ever played D.O.? Can you think of any other stipulations that should be considered? Let us know by commenting below.


  1. So we’re golfing at Eagle Crest, Redmond, OR, one summer way back when one of my buddies, now a single digit handicapper, had about a 30 handicap. On the back 9, after several adult beverages, he didn’t quite make it past the red tees. So with pants and underwear around his ankles he sends it a little farther down the fairway … Just as an elderly couple had stopped on their bikes to peruse the scenery. As they stood in awe, with jaws dropped, I could hardly stand up I was laughing so hard!


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