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Tiger Woods – Masters Champion


Tiger Woods is visiting a posh and popular southern states-area Country Club after winning the Masters Championship. He finds the front doors locked. After ringing the ornate doorbell, a club member sticks his head out and looks Tiger up and down. “Can I help you?”, he asks.

Tiger replies, “Yes, I’d like to play a round of golf at your club.”

The uppity club member shocks Tiger by saying: “Sorry, you can’t play here. The club for your kind is about a 4 iron down the road.”

Angered almost beyond control, Tiger straightens his green jacket and screams, “But, I’m Tiger Woods, 4 time PGA Masters Champion!!!”

The man, obviously embarrassed, hits himself in the forehead and says, “Oh, Tiger Woods! I’m so sorry! It’s only about a 7 iron for you.”


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