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What’s the Handicap on This Hole?


Bob had been saving for years for the ultimate golfing holiday and finally he was off to Africa.

He soon found himself at the Royal Nairobi Golf Club looking forward to a great round of golf where he is assigned his own personal caddie.

The caddie was equipped with scorecards, tees, refreshments and a shotgun.

With the usual first tee jitters Bob proceeds to slice the first shot into the deep bush.

“You’ll be OK,” says the caddie as he trundles off into the bush in search of Bob’s golf ball with Bob not far behind.

He goes in pretty deep then, all of a sudden, “Whoom!”

Startled Bob turns around to see the caddie with a huge smile on his face standing with one foot placed on this very dead lion.

They finish the hole as Bob is taken aback by the whole scene.

A little shaken, Bob shanks his next tee shot into the deep bush again.

“You’ll be right, Mate,” yells his caddie as he hustles into the bush after the errant shot.

Bob turns quickly and there’s his caddie again, hugest smile ever on his face with his right foot placed on the head of large Rhino. “No worries!” proclaims the caddie as they complete the hole.

As the round continues they come upon a hole with a fairly large water hazard in front of the  green. And wouldn’t you know that Bob tops the ball and watches as it trickles into the hazard.

Thumbs up, the caddie says “The water’s pretty shallow, you’ll be able to get that.”

Bob, a bit hesitant, wades into the water to retrieve his golf ball when out of nowhere a huge alligator surges through the water, grabs his left leg and starts chomping.

Surrounded by blood red water, Bob yells at the caddie, “Why didn’t you shoot him?”

The caddie yells back, “Because, you don’t have a shot on this hole!”




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