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When Golf isn’t Golf


In a previous post I talked about the rules of golf and if a lot of them even make sense or not. So, if you’re not playing by all the rules are you still playing “golf”?

There is a movement by some to make the game of golf more fun. Making it easier to play makes it more fun, right? Do you have more fun when you shoot a high score or a low score? Yep, I thought so …

Some people like to take advantage of non-conforming (freakin’ illegal by USGA standards) equipment like drivers and golf balls that don’t slice or hook. (Geez, I can’t believe there’s actually a website called illegalgolfdrivers.com). I don’t care what other people do. I don’t mind bending a few small golf rules, as long as everyone in my group does the same,  but they better not be playing for any money against me with illegal equipment. It could be fun to be “non-conforming” but not fair in any type of competition.

I think Scott McNealy and his group at the Alternative Golf Association are doing it right. Right up front they say this is NOT GOLF. They call it FLOGTON (um, that’s “not golf” backwards). Way past the area of bending rules, they blatantly smash them to tiny bits, grind them up and spit them out as a whole new game. And you know what? It sounds like a blast to me. Again, people, this is definitely NOT golf but it sure is FUN!

They even promote the creation and invention of non-conforming equipment, clubs and balls (I almost called them golf balls, but remember, its FLOGTON). If you can invent a ball that goes 25% farther than a regulation golf ball, you could win $10,000.

Our group will be playing for 6 days at the awesome Lake Shastina Golf Resort in June where we generally make up a lot of “group” rules as the handicaps range from about 4 to 44. We have several events planned during the course of the week and one of them will be a variation on FLOGTON. We’ve had the best time for the last 18 years there, mostly because we let a lot of the small rules of golf slide. Can’t wait to go and bend as many rules as I can, because the idea is to have FUN!

And don’t tell me you’ve never NOT played by the official rules of golf. Have you ever played in a scramble, scotch doubles, charity tourney where you can buy mulligans and string to cheat by? Been involved in a horse race? Taken a first tee mulligan? OK then.

It was a blast, wasn’t it?



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