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Who Does He Think He Is?


Jesus and Moses were sitting up in heaven, talking about the earth, and some things that they never got to do when they were there. Jesus says to Moses, “Man, I really want to go and play just one game of golf. Maybe God will let me go and play a game.”

So Jesus went and asked God if he could play a game of golf. “Well, I suppose”, says God “but Moses has to go with you to be your caddy.” Jesus and Moses agree, and soon find themselves at Pebble Beach, with golf shoes, and a bag of clubs and one ball. Jesus had been playing a good game, when he came to the 9th hole, and saw a plaque. It said, “The only person to ever score a hole in one on this hole was Arnold Palmer.”

“Well”, says Jesus, “If Palmer can do it, why can’t I? I’m Jesus Christ” Moses gives him his ball and tee, and stands back to watch. Jesus adjusts his robe and halo, fixes his stance and exhales deeply. He shouts “Fore!” and whacks the ball. It sails into the air, hooks a little to the left, and splashes nicely into the water hazard.

“Oh, no!”, says Jesus. “That was my only ball! Hey Moses, could you go and get it for me?”

Moses goes down to the water hazard, parts the water, and walks in and gets the ball back.

Jesus tees off again, “Fore!” and it sails down into the water hazard again.

“Hey Moses…” but Moses was already on his way to get the ball. He got back shortly, but before he gave back the ball, he said, “I’m tired of getting your ball. If you hit it in the water again, you can go get it.”

Jesus takes the ball, and sure enough, he hits it straight into the water. Then he goes down to the water and starts to look for the ball, walking on top of the water.

Some other golfers start to play through, and they notice some guy walking around on the water, so one guy says to Moses, “Who’s that guy think he is?…….Jesus Christ or something?”

“No”, replies Moses, “Arnold Palmer.”


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