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You Know Your Boss is a Golfer If

  • He estimates a ‘par’ score for every task that he sets and awards ‘eagles’ or ‘birdies’ if you complete a task under budget.
  • He has a golf ball on a string, hanging from the rear-view mirror of his car.
  • His local golf shop has his credit card on file.
  • His daughter’s wedding party was at the 19th hole of the local golf course.
  • He sets staggered quitting times for all of his staff.
  • When he is talking about a ‘good lay’, he is not referring to the office tart.
  • He selects his new car purely on the capacity of the trunk to fit all of his golf equipment.
  • He keeps a putter by his favorite chair to practice putting during the commercials.
  • He insists that you sign off on your time sheet at the end of each day.
  • When he asks you about your handicap, he is NOT talking about your limp.
  • His kids know that it is Saturday because his clubs are gone from the garage.
  • His pets are named ‘Tiger’,  ‘Fuzzy’ and ‘Bear’.


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